The Fairy's Garden
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The Fairy Tale
Hanging Gnome Fairies Need Homes

Once upon a time, hiding in the grass, in the woods, and anywhere there was space, there lived these magical beings called fairies. Unfortunately, as enchanting as these diminutive creatures were, they lacked certain skills. Fairies were not known to be competent builders. So instead of living in elaborate, well-constructed houses, they made due with whatever dwelling they could find.

Today-although mainly staying out of human sight-fairies still thrive. But sadly, they haven't improved their carpentry skills. Instead, they survive the cold and rain by finding shelter in the unsuspecting places of the human world: VCRs, computers, cars, and even sweater drawers. (You think it's moths eating holes in your sweaters? Guess again.) You may notice your videotapes jamming in the VCR, appliances and cars breaking down, and computers crashing. Fairies are often to blame. While these mischievous characters only seek solace and safety under the hood of your car, in CD players, toasters, microwaves, swimming pool filters, etc, they'll haplessly break all that you own in the process. It's not malicious intent on the part of the fairies. They simply need help-that is, a place to lay their heads at night, like humans.

Gnomenculture is the answer to fairy homelessness. With our help, you can build a beautiful home and garden for your resident fairies. Within a week, you will most certainly see fewer car and appliance problems around your own home. Gnome with TrowelYou'll only need to give up a small space of a deck or backyard to make room for a fairy residence. We'll supply the house, garden accouterments, and outdoor furnishings, and we'll guide you on the landscaping and gardening. The more beautiful an environment you create for fairies, the more happily-and without incident-they will coexist with you.

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